ezauto ezfeed Leasing vs Buying A Car

Leasing vs. Buying A Car

With the rise of car leasing models, people are opting for it instead of buying a new car. But do you really understand what leasing

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ezauto ezfeed How Do Car Seat Belts Work

How Do Car Seat Belts Work?

Putting on your seatbelt when you get in a car has almost become second nature to us. But do you know how they work to

ezauto ezfeed How Do Car Airbags Work

How Do Car Airbags Work?

You might know car airbags as the ones that might save your life, together with car seat belts when you get into an accident. But

How To Change Your Own Engine Oil

Thinking of trying to change your car’s engine oil on your own instead of taking it to the store? If you think you can handle

Everything To Know About Engine Oil

Our cars are not invincible, and require regular maintenance to keep our cars running in good shape, with one important maintenance being the change of