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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell a car on behalf of a family member or friend?

NoYou are only able to bring the car for inspection at our office without the owner being present; however, we will require the owner to be present for ownership transfer (since thumbprint is involved) during transaction.

Can I sell a car on behalf of a company?

Yes. We need you to bring along the following:

– A form of photo identification for the person bringing the car.
– Letter signed from the company director giving authorization for that person to sell on their behalf.
– Company account details e.g. company bank statement.
– One form of identification for the business address.
– Both sets of car keys if available.
– All service history if available.

Further documentation may be required depending on the scenario, so it is advisable to contact us directly at help@ezauto.my if you’re selling a company registered car. A separate team will be assigned to handle your case and inspection will be done at your premise instead.

Note that fees and charges may apply if you’re selling a company registered vehicle.

What happens after I agree to sell my car?

You will need to release the car to us within 7 days from the day you agreed to accept our offer or bid price. Our staff will contact you to arrange for:

  • collection of original registration card (RC) or original vehicle ownership certificate (VOC)
  • ownership transfer with thumbprint
  • approved permit (AP) – Form 1, Form 8, Form 69 for reconditioned cars only
  • cash invoice

If we have not received any of these documents, we will hold RM1,500 of the selling price as collateral pending completion.

Why ezAuto can give higher offers for my car than others?

We have a nationwide network of more than 4,000 used car dealers throughout Malaysia (including Sabah & Sarawak), in which buyers will place their highest offer through our transparent live bidding session. We will provide the login details so you could experience the transparent process live.

What is the process of the inspection appointment?

Give your inspector-in-charge a call when you arrive for your inspection. The whole appointment shall not take longer than 1 hour. One of our certified and professional inspectors will conduct a thorough 132-point inspection of your car, which includes a short road test. The road drive helps us to determine the realistic value of your car. Photos will also be taken for record and reporting purposes.

We will offer you a price to buy your car on the spot. If our offer appeals to you and you agree to sell to us, we will complete all the necessary paperwork for the sale and pay you via online transfer within 24 hours. Should you decide to try for online bidding, we’ll schedule your car up for an online live bidding among our Verified Used Car Dealers network – of which the reserve price will be discussed and agreed upon between ezAuto and yourself prior to the live bidding session.

How do I sell my car to ezAuto?

1. Submit your car detail and contact detail on our website for our Customer Service team to call you or book an appointment through the system.

1. Turned up for the appointment with documents:
a. Registration card/VOC
b. Spare keys (if any)
c. Approved Permit (AP) (for imported, reconditioned car)*
d. Hire Purchase Settlement (HP) (for cash with outstanding loan amount)
e. Vehicle Invoice (for cash purchase)
f. Third party authorization letter (for car under different name)

2. Inspection appointment shall not take longer than 45 minutes to 1 hour. One of our experienced auto inspectors will conduct a thorough 132-point inspection of your car, which includes a short road test. The road drive helps us to determine the realistic value of your car. Photos will also be taken for record and reporting purposes.

3. We will offer the price after the *live bidding ended.

*We will schedule your car for bidding at the latest available slots.

Selling Process
Selling to ezAuto – Provided all documentation is complete and you agreed to hand over the car with the same day, all ownership transfer and payment will be completed within the same day. You will be given maximum 7 days to hand over the car and documentation to us.

Bidding Platform
Your car will bid by 4,000+ registered used car dealer. In the event your car is bidded, you will have 24 hours to accept or reject the bid. If you accept, you will be given 5 days to complete the documentation and hand over the car to us.

If your car doesn’t receive any bids from dealers, you will have 2 more times to put your car on bidding platform or opt to accept quoted offer price by ezAuto (if any).

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