Malaysia’s monsoon season is back again, with heavy downpours happening frequently and the risk of roads getting flooded with water. So here are some tips for you during this season.

For Drivers and Passengers

If you know it’s the rainy season and there is a high chance of downpour, you can start by preparing items in your car to deal with the rain.

  1. Keep an umbrella in your car in case of rain, as nobody likes having to get wet.
  2. Prepare a waterproof bag to put your electronic devices in, to prevent them from getting wet.
  3. Prepare a towel or some spare shoes or clothing in your car in case you really do get wet from the rain.

For Your Car

Wet weather can be dangerous as roads get slippery and visibility decreases, so you should make sure your car is in good condition before driving in the rain.

  1. Make sure your Tyres and Brakes are in good condition, with enough tread to maintain grip on the road and stop in time.
  2. Ensure the lights of your car are functioning properly, so that you can see the road ahead and people can notice your car.
  3. Apply hydrophobic coating on your windows if possible, as they can help with visibility during heavy rains. And make sure your wipers are in tip-top shape.
  4. Wipe off any rainwater that gets into the interior of your car, as too much moisture can lead to fungus growth, although it shouldn’t happen in our hot climate.
  5. Wash your car once a while after rains, as there are many contaminants in the rain, resulting in acid rains, which can be harmful if left for too long.

During Driving

If you encounter heavy rains, be sure to drive slowly and carefully, while also keeping a keen eye on the roads ahead, to avoid any obstacles that may be in the water.

If you haven’t started your drive, and you’re not in a rush, it would be a wiser decision to wait out until the rain calms down, then continue your drive. If you encounter heavy rains while driving, you can also choose to stop nearby and wait out the rain, which can be a better choice than struggling to drive in the heavy rain.

The most important thing is to be careful when driving in any conditions, and to know the limits of your car, especially when the outside conditions are harsh on you and your car.