It is common sense to know that tyres are an important part of your car, and that having good tyres increases your grip on the road and is essential during rough weather. But just having good tyres is not enough, as tyre alignment is also an important aspect of it.

What is tyre alignment?

If you’re at a tyre shop changing a new set of tyres, after the change the shop is going to help you realign your tyres. Tyres are the ones in charge of changing your vehicle’s direction, so making sure all four of your tyres are aligned and moving you in the same direction is crucial for your car’s handling and your safety.

Misaligned tyres will affect the handling of your car, and can also result in increased tyre wear, since there will be more friction on the misaligned tyres, that will cost you money in the long run for replacing and readjustment.

How to know if you need alignment

If your steering wheel is straight but your car seems to go astray to the side, that is an obvious sign that your car is in need of some tyre alignment. Other than that, if your car has uneven tyre wear on your tyres, this can also hint that maybe your tyres are misaligned.

Where you can do alignment

Alignment can be done at any tyre shop, where they have specialized equipment to get your alignment as accurate as possible. Doing it yourself is possible, but it requires some knowledge and experience as well as the tools needed to perform the alignment.

Tyre alignment is especially important for your car, and if you feel that there is something wrong with your car, don’t ignore it, and take it to a workshop for an inspection immediately.