Malaysia has always been a hot country, as we are located close to the equator, and due to the abundance of cars in Malaysia, we are always forced to park on the roadside when going out, where the sun always shines, but what does it actually do on your car?

Malaysia’s sun

When the sun is out, it emits ultraviolet (UV) rays, where as it can damage our skin and make it darker or get sunburned, the same goes for the skin (paint) of cars, where it can damage various parts of your car, especially in Malaysia where the sun is always out.

Effects on your car

One of the most obvious effects seen on cars exposed to the sun for long periods of time is the fading of the car’s paint. The most common parts of the car affected will be the roof and the hood, as they are the biggest surfaces that are exposed to the sun.

Your car’s interior will also be affected by the continuous sun rays shining through the glass, where your car’s seats might fade over time, especially if their material is leather. Another part would be the dashboard of your car, where if made out of plastic it can be susceptible to cracks, and is a hassle to replace.

But all this isn’t an instant problem, as it usually takes 3 to 5 years of continuous sunlight for the damage to actually be visible on your car, so don’t worry if you are forced to park your car in the sun when going to work or going for a meal.

What can you do?

If possible, try to park your car in a shaded area or a parking garage, but that isn’t always possible for everyone, and a short amount of time under the sun is still fine for your car. But if you’re planning on parking your car somewhere for an extended period of time, you can consider getting a car cover to protect your car from sunlight and also dust. A car with a fabulous exterior also gets a higher price on the used car market.