All vehicles on the road have number plates, and you might have seen some special ones on the road that may have aroused your curiosity. These plates are approved and issued by the Malaysian Road Transport Department (JPJ) for various reasons such as commemorating an event or raising funds.

Commemorative plates

There have been a bunch of number plates such as SUKOM for the commonwealth games, BAMbee for the Thomas and Uber cup, as well as RIMAU which refers to the mascot during the 2017 SEA games which was all held in Malaysia. On top of that, there were plates issued for different summits held in Malaysia such as XIIINAM, XOIC and XXVIASEAN.

Fundraising plates

Organisations’ fundraisers’ plate series such as PATRIOT, PERFECT, IM4U, VIP and NAAM have also been released with the funds procured from selling the plates going fully to them. A number of plates such as UM, UTM ,UiTM, UKM, UUM and UC, where each of them represent the initials of the respective universities, have also been issued to raise funds for them. Plates like U, UU, UUU,  Y, YY, E, X, XX, GT, GTR, and SMS too are technically fundraising plates for smaller organisations, and are popular with people since these plates are impossible to come by in the regular series.

Special plates

Plates like MALAYSIA, PUTRAJAYA, PROTON, PERODUA, as well as a variety of different Proton models’ number plates such as WAJA, Putra, Satria, and Perdana, and in addition to them, KRISS and Jaguh plates have also been released for Modenas motorcycles.

Pricing of plates

Special plates have a higher starting price when compared to regular plates, and can be tendered by anyone, with the plate ownership going to the highest bidder. Most of these plates are also highly collectible, with resale prices going up in value.