Vehicles’ prices have never been cheap, especially import brands where excise duties go upwards of a staggering 60%, leaving us Malaysians who want a vehicle for a reasonable price having to look towards Malaysian Car Makers Proton and Perodua.


The cheapest offering of Proton is the Iriz 1.3 Standard CVT, which retails at RM 40,800 OTR without insurance. Compare that with its direct competitor, Perodua’s ever popular Myvi 1.3L G, which starts at RM 45,700 OTR without insurance. But don’t forget that Perodua has another model below the Myvi in their lineup, the Axia.

Under RM25k??

If I told you that you can get a fully new road legal vehicle for under RM 25,000 , would you believe me? And that’s the case with Perodua’s Axia 1.0 E, with a price tag of only RM 23,367, it is almost half the price of the cheapest Myvi and is about 40% cheaper than an Iriz.

What you’re getting

This model is technically a car built specifically for driving schools, offered only with the bare necessities, leaving out luxuries such as a tachometer, stereo system, and keyless entry. If you want all of those, you would have to go up a level to the Axia 1.0 G priced at RM 32,485, close to about RM10k more than the Axia 1.0 E.

Worth it?

For such a price you’re getting a fully functional car which is able to transport you from point A to point B without any worries. All those luxuries that were not included? Those can be added on yourself with the ability to choose anything you want! All in all, for such a price it is definitely worth it if you’re someone on a tight budget and wants to spend the absolute minimum on a new car.

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