In the past, driving manual cars was the norm, and almost everybody knew how to drive one. However,  with the advancement of technology which made the modern day automatic transmission more widespread and affordable, people have slowly started to favour automatics over manuals for driving is just way easier with an automatic.

Manual offerings

In the past, cars used to be offered with both an automatic and a manual transmission option, but as time passes by, more and more manufacturers have dropped the manual option for most of their models, and now in 2022 the only local manual vehicle you can get is the Perodua Axia 1.0 E which is meant for driving schools, with the Perodua Myvi and Proton Iriz manual options being discontinued due to its sales being less than 1% of total sales.

Newer technology

Manual cars had a gear shifter and an extra third pedal being the clutch that was frankly, a pain to operate compared with the transmissions offered today, and we being humans will always prefer to take the easiest way to do everything. And with modern options like automatic transmissions, continuously variable transmissions(CVT), and dual clutch transmissions(DCT) which saves us the hassle of a manual as well as offering better performance on top of it, pushing most people to shift away from manuals (pun intended).

Where can I get a manual?

As stated above, the only local offering left is the Perodua Axia 1.0 E, and the other viable options would be pickup trucks like the Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi Triton, as well as sports cars like the Toyota GT86 and Honda Civic Type-R, but I doubt most buyers will consider these options.

If you’re aching for a manual car, the best place to find one would be in the used car market, and if you’re looking to sell your car, come visit us at to get the best deal for your car.