Malaysia is a country that sits near the equator, having a tropical climate with sunny weather all year-round. And what does sunny mean? Hot, very high temperatures when it’s not cloudy. There’s nothing better than avoiding the heat in the cool air-conditioning of your car, but when your air-conditioning is not at its peak, your car doesn’t feel like a paradise away from the heat outside.

Why isn’t it cold anymore?

Air-conditioning, like the many parts on your car, requires maintenance to keep it running at its full potential, and when it’s not working, all you can get is warm wind blowing at you.

Air-conditioning works by manipulating refrigerant between a liquid and gaseous state. Like water, it absorbs heat during the change from liquid to gaseous state and cools down the air going through to you. 

And here are 3 reasons why your air-conditioning isn’t as cold as it used to be:

  1.  There’s a leak

A slight leak anywhere in the system like a leaking pipe or loose connectors will make your refrigerant insufficient to cool down your air, and result in warm air coming out of your air-conditioning. 

  1. Not enough refrigerant

Over the years, even a car with no leaks will lose a little bit of refrigerant, and even a small decrease in refrigerant can increase your temperature by a few degrees, so you’d just need to top up the refrigerant and your air-conditioning should be freezing cold again.

  1. Faulty Compressor and/or Condenser

The compressor’s job is to compress the refrigerant, so that when it expands it can absorb the heat and cool down the air flowing through. Cooling won’t be as efficient if your compressor isn’t running properly, and needs to be serviced or changed.

The condenser’s job is to return the refrigerant to a liquid state, so if there are too many contaminants inside your refrigerant, it can lead to clogging of the condenser and your refrigerant will have trouble flowing through the system, losing its effectiveness.

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