As the monsoon season comes upon us, heavy rains are to be expected and floods are imminent in low places. If you live in a flood prone area, it is best advised to be prepared for the worst case scenario and protect your belongings. It is better to have flood insurance for your car if floods frequently happen in your area.

Before the flood

The best way is to move your car to a higher area, but if you don’t have a choice, here is what you can do to prevent further damage (effectiveness varies depending on flood level) :

  1. Remove all your valuables from inside the car.
  2. Remove the car’s battery (water and electricity doesn’t get together well).
  3. If you have flood insurance, take pictures of your vehicle before the flood.
  4. Jack up your car.
  5. Prepare car covers to protect your vehicle.

During the Flood

Never attempt to drive your car through a flood. Floods can easily sweep your car away or damage it. If you encounter a flood while in your vehicle, try to determine the best course of action as to whether you should stay in your car until the flood subsides or flee immediately. Remember that your life always prevails over your car during the flood.

After the flood

If your car has been through a flood, never attempt to drive it as you may inflict further damage to the vehicle. Call for a tow truck to bring your car to the nearest service centre for repairs. Contact your insurance company and let them know your car has been involved in a flood and document the damages.

Determine how much of your car has been submerged in water: 

Flood cars also have a lower value compared to others in the market. Remember to always be honest about the condition of your car. If you have any problems, contact to assist you with selling your vehicle!