From 1st June 2016 onwards, car owners who renewed their vehicles’ road tax, and/ or have done a vehicle transfer will be receiving an online-based Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC) instead of a Registration Card (RC)/ Grant of their vehicles. A car grant is a document that carries the registration of a car and is issued by the Road Transport Department (JPJ).

However, losing a car grant may not be as uncommon as it seems. The only reason we start to look for it is because we plan to sell our car. It is not a surprise that many of us would have misplaced it due to negligence, theft, or even lost it due to unfortunate disasters such as flood or fire. What should you do if you lose your car grant? Fortunately, there are 3 ways to recover your lost VOC!

1. Get a new car grant (VOC) over the JPJ counter

You can get a new car grant at any JPJ office near you for RM50.00 (yes, it will not be free of charge!). Be sure to bring along the following documents before heading over to the JPJ centre:

–        Your Identity Card (IC/ MyKad)

–        Ownership Grant Checklist Form

–        Two copies of the completed JPJ K7 Forms

–        Required Fees (RM50.00)

After the verification process, you will receive a copy of the original grant! Apart from the registered owner, the application of getting a new copy of the Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC) can be done by any authorized government agencies, company, organization officers, or beneficiaries only. However, more documents will be required to substantiate this application on behalf!

2. Get a new car grant at the JPJ Kiosk

Hate queuing up at the JPJ centre? Besides requesting a grant over the counter, you may also consider getting a copy of the car grant from one of the 36 JPJ kiosks available throughout Malaysia! You don’t have to fill out any paperwork either! However, this can only be done by the car’s registered owner himself/ herself as the kiosk requires identification by placing his/ her right thumb on the fingerprint scanner. Similarly, this will also cost RM50.00.

3. Get a new car grant from the bank

This method is only meant for those who have never gotten an original grant from the bank that you got your car loan from. In accordance with the Hire Purchase Amendment Act 2010, you can request for the original car loan from your bank by applying in writing. Be sure to visit the bank that your car loan is under. You will also have to be the registered owner of the car as finger verification will be required and make sure to bring along your IC as well!Want to skip all these hassle of getting a replacement for VOC? Be sure to keep all documents relating to your car, so that you won’t have to panic when the time to sell your car comes! Check out our website to learn how you can sell your car the ez way at the best price at today!