Is it time to sell your car?

How do I know when it is the time to sell my car? Is it time to sell my car now? Should I? The answers to these questions will depend on a variety of different factors. Let’s take a closer look at some of these factors to consider before arriving at your own conclusion!


Maintenance cost is more than it’s worth

If you feel like you are constantly spending more money on repairs and maintenance to keep your car up and running, it is probably time to consider replacing the car. You can book a free inspection with ezAuto to find out your car’s worth and get advice on the cost of possible repair works. By making such a comparison, the choice would be clear.


The “Before-The-End-of-The Calendar-Year” factor

The idea of having your car evaluated as a 1-year old car before it has really been owned for a full year has driven many people to make hasty decisions to sell off their cars right before the year ends if they intend to sell their cars. For example, a brand new car that was registered in July 2020 will be evaluated as a 1-year car when it is sold in January 2021. So if your gut feel tells you that you need a new ride soon, get your old car sold before the year comes to an end!


Car depreciation factor

It is a well-known fact that a car is depreciating asset. It starts to depreciate the moment you drive it onto the road from the sales gallery. However, this depreciation does not happen at a constant rate over the life of the car. A new vehicle depreciates more rapidly at the beginning of its life, especially for the 1st 9 months. This is obviously not a good time to try and sell your car as depreciation is not as steep as the years go by. So be sure to like your car enough to keep it for a couple of years before deciding to sell it off to get your money’s worth!


Your changing needs

There are many life-changing events that shed some light into your decision on whether to sell your car or not.  You may be starting a family soon and need a bigger car that is safer for your children. You may be considering moving further away from your job and need a vehicle that is more fuel efficient for a longer daily commute. These may be good reasons to get your car changed if it does not suit your changing needs in the near future.


By considering the above factors, we believe you would be able to make up your mind now! If you want to sell your car, look no further! Visit to learn how to sell your car at the best price the ez way today!