With the prolonged lockdown due to the ongoing pandemic, dealership showrooms continue to be closed. The coronavirus pandemic has definitely had an impact on the car-shopping (both buying and selling) processes. While it may not have been the best time to sell your car, if you must sell (e.g. to raise funds for other purposes, reduce your expenses or for some other pressing reason), there are still ways for you to sell your car while staying at home! 

Look no further! ezAuto is here to provide the best avenue for you to sell your car at the highest price possible! At ezAuto, you just simply need to follow 4 simple steps to get your car sold:


1. Book a free inspection appointment online.

Do you know that you could come and get a free inspection and valuation through ezAUTO.MY? Our inspection processes are one of the few in the country that is in compliance with the relevant regulatory and government agency requirements!

Getting your car inspected is a crucial and compulsory step as PUSPAKOM has to determine if your car is safe to be driven on the road and whether your car is legal. PUSPAKOM will have to make sure that your car is not cloned and that there are no illegal modifications to your car before you sell it off.


2. Attend the inspection appointment.

Be sure to be present for the free car inspection and valuation appointment at our designated Authorized Inspection Centres! We provide a high quality and detailed inspection report to your car in order to evaluate your car market value.


3. Proceed with bidding OR sell to us directly.

With our high standard inspection report, over 4,000 dealers from nationwide will check through the report details and bid for your car! Our big data and fair pricing technology will generate a suggested market value for your car to ensure a fair price trading between buyers and sellers.


4. Receive money once we settled the paperwork.

Once your car is sold, we will take care of the rest of the paperwork and ownership transfer process with the ezAuto system. We will ensure a seamless process during the ownership transfer. Totally safe and hassle-free!

Our commitment-free policy also helps you make the selling process a risk-free one, where if you are not happy with the price, you are free to cancel the selling process and walk away without any costs within 24-hours from the offer price given.


It is that easy! Save the hassle and let us help you sell your car at the highest price possible the ez way! Visit our website at www.ezauto.my today to learn more!