Going on a trip with your family or going on a long journey outstation drive can be adventurous as you drive and discover new roads and sceneries along the journey. As you drive, you may end up in the middle of nowhere, and things can get really scary when your car breaks down! Here are some useful tips on what to do when it happens to you:


Assess the Situation and Surroundings

Golden rule: Don’t panic! While it is an unfortunate event, you want to keep your cool so that you can properly assess the situation and your surroundings. Take a deep breath and look around. Ask yourself a few questions:

        Have you seen other cars while you have been driving on this stretch of road?

        Is it likely that someone else will drive by and help?


If there is cell reception, call an auto service. Look for landmarks that will help to determine your specific location. If your car is still able to move a little, park it on the shoulder of the road. Then, turn on the car flashers, and leave the vehicle’s hood open.


 Do not leave your car

You should stay with your car to protect your valuables. You should also take shelter in case of unsafe environmental conditions as you are not familiar with the area. You don’t want to be further stranded because you walked away from your car, or run into some wildlife that will chase after you!


If you can see nearby buildings and feel like it is within reach, you should write down your information and leave it on the dashboard. On a piece of paper, remember to include your name, the date, the time you left, the direction you are heading towards, the names of anyone you are driving with, and your vehicle’s plates.


Getting your car repaired

Once you manage to find help, take your car to the nearest auto mechanic shop immediately. Be mentally prepared for repairs to take at least a day or two in case the mechanic has to order parts. This is to avoid any further frustration on the unexpected longer wait on top of the already painful financial losses.


Always keep some emergency supplies

Before any car breakdown happens, it is crucial that you pack emergency supplies that will help you out when you are stranded in the middle of nowhere in an unfortunate event. Always keep a car tool kit in your car trunk and learn how to perform simple repair work in case your roadside breakdown is a simple fix.


On top of that, you should always have a first aid kit that can treat any injuries, an extra set of clothes and shoes. Keep some emergency food in your car that is non-perishable, including bottled water, packet biscuits, a handful of candies, dried fruits etc.


Remember to always keep your cool and do not panic! Always be prepared for the worst by preparing supplies upfront and never leave your car unnecessarily during a car breakdown in the middle of nowhere! Hope this will help you in any unfortunate event, if there is ever one!