In Malaysia, the Motor Vehicle License (LKM) is issued by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) under the Road Transport Act 1987 and Motor Vehicle (Registration and Licensing) Rule, 1959.

For the renewal of motor vehicle license in Malaysia, below are documents that will be required:

        Original vehicle registration certificate.

        Cash, money order, postal order, bank draft or money order is accepted.

        Valid Insurance

In the event of a LKM replacement (e.g. LKM that is damaged/ faded/ printing errors or broken windscreen), below are documents that will be required:

        The original vehicle registration certificate.

        The LKM plate that has faded / damaged.

        Police reports and original payment receipt (for broken windscreen cases)

For replacements, it is free of charge (yes, FOC!). However, in the event of a lost LKM, there will be penalty charges as shown below:



Other Vehicles

Peninsular Malaysia

RM 20

RM 50


RM 25

RM 25


RM 20

RM 20

Below are some prerequisites for cases of lost LKM:

        Registered owner / representative is present

        Checklist Form (1/2010 Amendment)

        JPJ K7 Form (1/2010 Amendment)

        Original vehicle registration certificate.

        Original NRIC / Passport.

There is a detailed payment schedule that has been set by JPJ for transactions involving licensing and vehicle registration. You may visit JPJ website via the link below for further reference: