Do you know that car windshields are designed not only for safety purposes, but also to provide structural support to the roof of the vehicle apart from acting as a barrier against the unwanted elements on the road? Aside from the core purpose, a car windshield also ensures the comfort of your passengers.


Given its importance, proper care must be taken to ensure the car windshield is properly maintained. In the event that the windshield is damaged, the integrity of the car front glass will be compromised and must be replaced or repaired immediately! Here are our 5 tips to maintain your car windshield the ez way!


1. Park indoors whenever possible

Harmful sunlight is extremely detrimental to the windshield. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can reduce a windshield’s lifespan. Whenever possible, park your car indoors or in a shaded area.

Aside from the harmful sun rays, drastic temperature changes will have negative effects on the windshield. These sudden shifts of temperature can lead to a brittle windshield, cracking on the windshield will then ensue.


2. Clean the windshield with quality products

Cleaning the windshield regularly is important to ensure clear vision for the driver while driving on the road. As such, we recommend using microfiber towels and high-quality products for windshield maintenance that have an ‘ammonia-free’ label. On top of that, be sure to use the proper cleaning agents to effectively remove tough elements like bug remains and bird droppings.


3. Maintain and change the wiper as required

Most scratches on windshields are caused due to faulty wipers. Wipers are subject to harsh weather conditions and deteriorate with time even when not in use. They eventually become malfunction when the blades wear out with time as dust and debris get stuck in them.


Be sure to clean the wiper blades with windshield wiper fluid thoroughly and get them replaced every 6 months to a year.


4. Avoid slamming the doors

Slamming the car doors may create a significant impact, which is transferred to the windshield in the form of vibrations that may possibly damage it. Be sure to shut the car doors without using excessive force to prevent potential damage to the windshield.


5. Repair windshield when damaged immediately

Small rocks hitting the windshield is common and one of them might chip or crack it. Thanks to the ever-evolving technologies, it is now possible to get these small damages repaired!  Damage in the line of sight of the driver must not be ignored under any circumstances as it might lead to accidents. In case the windshield cannot be repaired, consult a professional windshield company for a replacement immediately!