Are you struggling with grease and dust that are obstructing your view while driving? That would be a clear indication that it is time for a thorough windshield clean! Keeping your vehicle windshield clean is an easy, yet extremely important, way to make your vehicle safer for you and other drivers on the road. Here are some tips!


1. Lift the windshield wipers up

Ensure that the area beneath them gets cleaned before spraying any glass cleaner. Leave them in the “up” or “hanging” position throughout the entire cleaning process.


2. Spray half the windshield with diluted glass cleaner

To make your own diluted glass cleaner, mix 1 millilitres of glass cleaner with 130 millilitres of water. When spraying glass cleaner, do it in such a way that you cover the broadest possible area of that portion of the windshield which you intend to wipe first.


3. Wipe the glass clean with straight vertical wipes

Hold the cloth and extend your arm to the upper centre of the windshield. Bring it straight down along the central vertical line of your windshield. Return your hand to the top of the windshield but slightly towards the side of the windshield you’re standing on. Repeat this wiping pattern, moving progressively closer to the side of the windshield you’re located on, until it has been completely wiped.


4. Wipe the glass clean with straight horizontal wipes

When you’ve completed a vertically-oriented wipe-down, you can now move on to the horizontally-oriented wipe-down. Starting from the upper centre of the windshield, drag the microfiber towel straight out toward the edge of the windshield you’re standing on. Repeat this wiping pattern until the half of the windshield you chose to start on is completely cleaned.


5. Repeat the process on the other side

Repeat step 2 to step 4 to clean the other half once you are done with one side of the windscreen. This ensures the entire windshield gets clean. If you need to go over a certain spot more than once, wipe over it with a straight back-and-forth motion.


6. Buff the windshield

While the first wipe-down was intended to clean the glass cleaner off the windshield and remove excess grime, buffing the windshield is essentially moving your hand in a circular motion. Before you begin, replace the towel you used to wipe off the glass cleaner with a clean one.  Move your hand in a tight circular motion around the surface of the windshield. Start on one side of the vehicle, then move to the other side to ensure the entire surface of the windshield gets buffed.


When you have wiped and buffed the entire windscreen, it should now sparkle like a fresh-cut diamond!