When do I need to replace my car headlights?

The front of your vehicle is often referred to as its “face”, and the headlamps are referred to as its “eyes”. Not only does it matter appearance wise, it is also a matter of safety and compliance when driving on the road. Car headlights are one of the easily neglected components, until they stop working. 

Do you know when you should consider getting your car headlights changed? Fortunately, there are some indicative signs that your headlamps are about to burn out. Be on the lookout for these symptoms of a dying headlight! When you catch a glimpse of those symptoms, it’s time to get it fixed or replaced before you are left in the dark!


1. Dim headlights

One of the more obvious observations will be that your once-bright headlights are now dimmer. They are probably still working, but varying degrees of luminosity, and they might just fizzle out anytime. Over time, headlamp bulbs can lose their brightness and appear dimmer. When it gets dimmer, it is a clear indication that you will need to replace the bulbs soon.


2. Flickering headlights

Another common sign that headlight bulbs are almost done for is when they begin to flicker on and off at random. The bulb’s filament will get worn down due to excessive use of headlights over a prolonged period of time. Do note that your headlight will stop working very soon after you begin noticing the flickering. It is recommended to get the bulbs replaced as soon as you notice the flickering!


3. Low-beams do not work, but high-beams do

Although uncommon, you may notice that the low-beams may not be working already but the high-beams still do. Sometimes a simple troubleshooting effort by swapping a high-beam bulb with a low-beam bulb may fix the problem tentatively. If the low-beam bulb works after the swap, it means that the bulb is the culprit! If that doesn’t work, the fuse is most likely blown. You need a replacement immediately!


4. Constantly blowing fuses

There is a bigger and more complex electrical issue if you find that your headlight bulbs constantly burn down. Fuses can blow out frequently because of faulty headlight bulbs or bulbs that do not have the correct wattage. It is advisable to send your car to a professional technician to check the lighting switch, headlight assembly, fuses, and any exposed wires in the harness.

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