You have got places to go and people to see, yet you are stuck in the jam, inching along the interstate at barely a snail’s pace. Your exit looms, but it all seems to be so near yet so far, and the empty emergency lane beckons. At times like this, you would be itching to drive on that empty lane, thinking that you would help to reduce congestion, right? What harm could you possibly do? Turns out, it can cause a lot of harm than good.

To start things off, it is called an emergency lane because it is for emergency use only and not for general travel. It does not matter if you’re just trying to pass someone or to save some time. The emergency lane is there for the purpose of enabling help to get to where it is supposed to get to in the shortest amount of time by minimising time-wasted on itching through the jammed road, especially during peak hours such as working hours, meal hours and after-office hours.

You might be thinking that you won’t congest or cause any delay as you’ll be speeding through the lane to cut the queue, but do you know if all drivers thought the same, what would happen? You guessed it right. It will become another jammed up lane, closing off the emergency lane that will prevent potential help from being sent to where it is supposed to be!

Just imagine, an accident happened right in the middle of the high-way on the section ahead of you, but you are stuck in a jammed on the emergency lane. Ambulance, fire truck and police cars who should be on their way had to join in the congestion due to the clogged up emergency lane on the highway where you are on. Not only will help not reach the accident scene on time, victims of the accident may lose their lives due to your selfishness! Do you see how big an impact it will be now if you misuse the emergency lane for personal reasons?

Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) noted that the awareness on the purpose of emergency lanes is still low among motorists. The relevant authority urged motorists not to use emergency lanes with impunity so as to avoid unwanted accidents. Emergency lanes are meant to be a space for cars that have broken down, and also for authorities like the police, Fire and Rescue department and ambulance to travel on during emergencies on highways. Another point to note is that you should not park your car on the emergency lane as this would be a form of misuse of emergency lanes.

LMM also urged car drivers and motorists to use a safety triangle to alert other road users when their vehicles have broken down, particularly at night. On top of that, he also advised motorists to step out of their motorbikes when on emergency lanes and move to the far side of the guardrail for their safety.

Driving on the emergency lane is an offence under Rule 53 (1) of the Road Traffic Rules 1959. Road users who are found guilty for misusing the emergency lane can be charged in the court under the Road Transport Act 1987. Those who are convicted could face a maximum fine of RM2,000 or imprisonment of up to six months, or both! Be a more responsible driver and motorist, today!

Please stay safe the ez way! Your life is valuable!