Have you ever gone out for a meal, but ended up making rounds after rounds around your favourite makan place just to find that there is absolutely nowhere to park? Oftentimes, we will resort to just parking into an empty space outside of proper parking lots in places like the alley, roadside, under the tree, etc. Whenever we do so, we will definitely pray that traffic enforcers will not leave any ‘love letters’ on our cars.

In Malaysia, poor road conditions and reckless drivers has also led to a lot of traffic disasters. In order to minimize the traffic offences, summons and roadblocks by the authorities including JPJ officers and police traffic officers are designed to create a safer environment for all of us. You can complain about it all you want, but you still need to pay up for whatever traffic offence you committed!

Having said that, most Malaysians are still not complying with the rules and regulations set by law despite hefty summons and the demerit system on our driving licences. However, it is important to know some of the top traffic offenses and its corresponding fine rates. Perhaps, this will get you to think twice before you consider committing your next traffic offense!

Malaysians are prone to pick up a few bad and/ or dangerous driving behaviours, which should be avoided at all cost, for the safety of all road users as well as your wallet (fine rates are high, ouch!).

 common traffic offense in malaysia, bad/dangerous driving behavior

Aside from bad driving behaviours, not meeting certain commonly-known safety measures on the road may be a costly lesson to learn!

common traffic offenses in malaysia, failure to ensure safety measures are met

Do you know that if you are caught having dysfunctional car components, you may be liable to pay fines as well? Better send your car for regular check-ups to ensure everything is in good shape! Don’t have a trusty mechanic? Look for the nearest ez inspection centre via www.ezauto.my to get the job done the ez way today!

common traffic offense in malaysia dysfunctional car components

Some other traffic offenses such as transfer of car ownership and invalid road tax may get you into some serious trouble as well!

common traffic offense in malaysia, other traffic offenses

How many have you committed so far? You may not always be so lucky to be able to get away with these traffic offences. So better be safe than sorry! Be a responsible road user and driver today!