What do you think would be the most efficient choice most Malaysians would pick to drive? The cars most Malaysians would have at least bought before, or what we call Malaysia’s choice of cars, needs to resonate with everyone, no matter young or old, and it also needs to reflect both of our best and sometimes worst traits. That being said, Malaysia’s most common cars are not limited to only Malaysian-branded cars! Without further ado, let’s get on to our top 5 most common cars in Malaysia!

1. Perodua Kancil

most common cars in malaysia perodua kancil

Starting off the list with a car that is most definitely driven by almost all Malaysians (most likely also the first ever car driven during your driver’s test, remember?), none other than the national car, Perodua Kancil! It was extremely affordable, making it a default first choice for young fresh graduates or just people who wanted a cheap car to get going on the road.

Seeing one on the road today bring back memories of its heavy unassisted steering (no power steering back then!), the clunky gear shift and the long and easy-to-master clutch pedal travel. Even though Viva and Axia have both completely replaced the Kancil today, for many of us, this tiny national drive lives on in our hearts.


2. Proton Gen 2

most common cars in malaysia perodua gen 2

Another commonly seen car on the Malaysian road is the Proton Gen 2. While Proton Waja was billed as Malaysia’s first indigenously-designed car, it was based on the Mitsubishi Carisma. On the other hand, Proton Gen 2 was all in-house, right down to its CamPro mill. It was the first application of Proton’s very own four-pot.

There were definitely many faults, with its hollow plastics, awful ergonomics and the infamous torque dip. However, it was blessed with tidy road manners and it showed that Malaysia was capable of building cars under its own power. You will have to agree that it’s not something a lot of other countries can boast about. Be proud about our national brand!


3. Toyota Vios

most common cars in malaysia toyota vios

Toyota cars were considered too expensive for most Malaysian back in the days. However, Toyota managed to change that perception with its Toyota Vios that broke into the relatively affordable B-segment market!

At the time, the Honda City was an ancient relic based on an old Civic. Even when it migrated to Jazz, it was the better-looking Toyota that won the popularity contest among Malaysians. It is no wonder why Toyota Vios is Malaysian’s favourite when it comes to foreign cars that come with better assured quality, looking more stylish and offered at an affordable price!


4. Perodua Myvi

most common cars in malaysia perodua myvi

Proclaimed as a “true Malaysian icon” and the “love of the nation”, the Perodua Myvi topped the sales charts nearly every year ever since it was introduced back in 2005. Every other car you see on the road is mostly likely another Myvi a few years back as it has reached the hands of more than a million customers, both young and old.

It was a car that the most Malaysians could aspire to own. Its performance was modest, coupled with good interior space and excellent driving experience at the price range it was offered when compared to its other competitors. It was no wonder it became the Malaysian’s go-to car! Myvi is also one of the cars with the highest resale value due to its crazy popularity level among Malaysians! Have one to sell? Be sure to check out www.ezauto.my to get the best value out of your Myvi!


5. Proton Saga

most common cars in malaysia proton saga

You think Myvi is the sole representation of the true Malaysian car? The evergreen Proton Saga remains the Malaysian car, for no other reason than the fact that it was the first! The original Mitsubishi-based model touched the hearts and minds of everyone at the time, and its bargain price and lengthy production period meant that it outlasted all of its successors.

Making its comeback with the latest face-lifted model, Proton Saga continues to carry the legacy with a more sophisticated look, some welcome new features and a conventional automatic gearbox that gives the car a straightforward driving experience that is more in keeping with local tastes. Definitely a car for the people, again!

Did our top 5 pick bring back fond memories of the past? We are pretty sure you have driven at least one of these cars!