Have you been pumping air without knowing the proper air pressure (measured in kPA/ PSI) into your car tyres?

1. Do you know that different car tyres require different levels of air pressure?

2. Do you also know that even for the same car, front and rear tyres have different optimal levels of air pressure as well?


Checking our tyre pressure is an integral part of owning a car. Unfortunately, most car owners never took this seriously without knowing that incorrect car tyre pressure may affect their car’s handling, ride, comfort, fuel consumption, and even safety! But wait! How do I know how much air pressure I need to pump for my car tyres? Let’s find out!

There are two types of air pressure measurement units that car manufacturers often provide are PSI and kPa. To find out how much air pressure you should be pumping into your tyres, you may either flip the thick instruction manual for the magical numbers, or just open your driver’s side car door and look at the guideline sticker for the manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressure for your car! Never noticed this, eh?

Pennsylvania Turnpike on Twitter: "It's important to make sure your car has appropriate tire pressure for safe winter driving. #DYK where to find the recommended tire pressure for your car? In most

Have you ever wondered why there is a permanent sticker placed on the inside of the car door? Even if you don’t, do not remove it because this is the guideline where the PSI or kPa measurement is located for easy reading! Some cars like Mercedes-Benz have their air pump pressure located on the fuel filler lid as well.

As mentioned above, front and rear tyres may have different measurements for the front and rear tyres for optimal handling. Be sure to take note of this as well! As a checking measure, you may check if your tyres have been properly inflated by pressing on them. They should not be ‘too soft’ or ‘too stiff’ after the beep on the air pumping machine goes off. Remember to screw back the valve cap after that and you are ready to roll!

Now you know more about pumping pressure into your car, so make sure you are doing this right moving forward! Remember to also check your car tyre pressure every few weeks!