“You are running out of petrol!”

“Aiya, this can last us till we get home one. Relax, I know my car!”

Familiar conversation? We all have that confident friend/ family member who thinks he/ she knows it best when it comes to driving their own car. While you may ‘know’ your car very well, do you know that the habit of driving on an almost-empty gas tank could damage your car in the long run?

The warning light indicates that the fuel has reached the reserve level, which is about 10 to 15 percent of your tank’s total capacity. According to car experts, you should keep your gas tank at least a quarter full at all times. By doing so, not only it will keep you from getting into dangerous situations where you’re low on gas but too far from a gas station to fill up, but there are also other equally important reasons to keep a little more petrol in your tank.

Here are some reasons why you should never be driving on an empty tank or almost ‘E’:


1. You won’t get very far driving on empty

Ever thought of standing on the side of the road with your empty car waiting for a tow truck or walking to the nearest gas station and returning with a jerry? While all these are already embarrassing enough, there are more serious concerns that could impact your wallet. And I kid you not, it will be way more expensive than a tank of gas.


2. Damaged fuel pump

In your fuel tank, there is a contraption called a fuel pump, which sends the fuel from the tank to the engine. The fuel pump relies on the petrol in the tank to keep it cool and lubricated. Running the car with a low tank means that the pump isn’t staying as lubricated as it should, thus putting it at risk of overheating, which will lead to premature failure of the pump. The need for ahead-of-schedule fuel pump replacements do not come with small price tags.


3. Damaged fuel filter

The fuel pump comes with a fuel filter, which can quickly get dirty if you drive with a low tank. Since sediment and dirt sink to the bottom of the tank, the fuel filter could end up getting blocked very quickly or could even start taking in dirty fuel, which would lead to yet again, costly consequences. That’s because any tiny particles that find their way into the gas tank settle at the bottom, and they tend to stay there until your car is trying to grab every last bit of fuel it can. When the fuel pump sucks up the last of your gas, any debris in your tank will go along with it, and the particles can get stuck in your pump or in your fuel filter.


4. Damaged engine

Over a period of time, contaminants from petrol coagulates at the bottom of your tank, solidifying over time. When you drive on an almost empty tank, the resulting sludge will potentially be sucked up through your fuel pump, which causes damage not only to the pump, but also to the engine. In addition to this, the fuel pump may pump air, instead of petrol. In the long run, this exposure will cause “issues” for the fuel pump again (yes, there are so many ways to damage your fuel pump), as well as other components in the car!

At this point, how much do you think you know about your car? Let’s cultivate a better habit of refuelling our cars before it gets too thirsty! Better be safe than sorry! While ‘E’ is bad for your car, Ez is good for you! Go Ez, go www.ezauto.my today!