All petrol companies offer different loyalty programmes in an attempt to capture and retain loyal customers as petrol consumption is a need and drivers usually stick with only 1 petrol company to refuel their cars.

Are you aware of all the different loyalty programmes that are currently out there? Let’s take a quick look at all of the different loyalty programmes now!


1. BHPetrol eCard

Their eCard loyalty program allows you to earn points with every RM1 spent on fuel and BHPetromart items. Aside from redeeming fuel, a large variety of redeemable items could be found in their catalogue, such as snacks, electronics like home appliances and more! The eCard membership lasts for five years, while ePoints are valid for three years from the date its earned. Despite the attractive point-accumulation rates, their few service kiosk (400 kioks nationwide) makes it not as attractive, especially for those who travel to more rural areas.

Recommended for those who live near a BHPetrol station and enjoy flexibility in items available in redemption.


2. Caltex Journey Card with B Infinite

Like Shell’s BonusLink, the Caltex Journey Card allows you to earn BPoints at any B Infinite participating outlets such as 7-11, 11 Street and Starbucks! Both petrol and mart items could be redeemed fully or partially with BPoints at the counter. For reward redemption such as Lazada vouchers and Zalora discounts, the points required are listed on their online catalogue. The downside? BPoints required for reward redemption is on the higher end of this list, hence limited choices if you have not accumulated enough points.

Recommended for those who shop often at participating merchants and enjoy cashless payment options instead of reward redemption.


3. Petron Miles Privilege Card

Petron Miles card goes per litre, but by giving double points for RON95 fuel puts it on a level playing field. However, the most value comes with the purchase of Blaze 97. The Petron Miles membership is free, and points last for a lifetime too. These accumulated points could be used to redeem fuel and snacks at Petron service stations (600 service stations nationwide). The downside is that there are little ways to accumulate points. However, purchases from the affiliated merchant, Agoda, is one of the other ways to earn Petron Miles.

Recommended for those who use the Blaze 97 fuel more often.


4. PETRONAS Mesra Card

Considering the quick redemption rate of 100 points for an RM1 worth of fuel, drivers can make their first redemption in a few weeks. Not only that, The Maybank PETRONAS Maybankard offers both Mesra points and a bonus of 8x TreatPoints. Meanwhile the CIMB PETRONAS Platinum offers up to 7% cashback when making payments at their service kiosks. More credit card combos, more savings! Best of all, it has 1,000 stations nationwide! The only downside is that the card will be void if the card is not used for six months in a tow, losing all your hard-earned points as well.

Recommended for those who enjoy the convenience of easily finding a Petronas kiosk and the perks of the affiliated credit cards.


5. Shell BonusLink

Shell has over 900 stations nation-wide and is no stranger to any Malaysians. Shell works with BonusLink for their consumer loyalty program, allowing you to accumulate points at BonusLink’s participating merchant stores. BonusLink membership is free and points are valid for three years. The downside is, Shell BonusLink does not allow you to earn points when you shop at Shell’s very own marts at the stations. Unless you shop often at other BonusLink affiliated stores, this is not a nearly as attractive option.

Recommended for those who shop often from BonusLink affiliated stores and focus on fuel-related redemption. Also for drivers who pump in lots of petrol on average to make good use of the bonus.


In a nutshell, there is no best option, only the most suitable option, depending on your needs and accessibility! It all boils down to your spending habits and the level of convenience to you depending on the area you usually drive in. So do it the ez way by following us and read up to be a more informed consumer/ driver today! Go ez by visiting now!