Do you know what needs to be done to have your car properly serviced? Having a basic understanding of what tasks need to be done will help you make sure that the car service has been done correctly. Here are our top 3 things that you should always keep in mind whenever you want to service your car:


1. Prepare a to-do list and work order

To ensure you don’t miss out on anything important, making a list is the simplest way to keep track of what components and areas of the car need repairing and replacing. This can also serve as a good checklist for the mechanic.

A work order could also be included so that specific requests can be catered by the mechanic such as replacing the engine oil, issues related to certain faulty parts, or even about diagnostic codes of the car. This serves as a method of communication between the technician and the car servicer.


2. Keep away all personal belongings

To be worry-free of losing any personal belongings, always remember to remove all personal items from your car before taking it in for a service. Whilst you should never experience any problems at a reputable workshop, keeping your belongings away ensures that they are safe and also helps to prevent any accidental damage during the car service.

Before servicing your car, ask for the name of your mechanic. This will not only help you to build a relationship but also know who you will be able to contact if you have any issues.


3. Post-service test drive

Always ensure that you bring your car for a test drive right after a car service. Any good mechanic who offers a car service should let you take it for a test drive after being serviced.

This is important for you to get a feel for any changes to the car post-servicing. Doing a test drive will enable you to know if you’re satisfied with the results. With that in mind, always request a test drive before making payment to make sure nothing has gone wrong or get whatever that is unfixed, fixed before you bring your car back home.