5 Reasons Why You Should Not Modify Your Cars

You just got your brand new car. You want to look cool. You want to stand out from the rest. You want everybody to go “Oh Wow!” when you see yourself in your new ride. You are feeling that itch to pimp your new car by modifying its looks and improve its features.

BUT WAIT! There is a flip side to this! While modifying your new ride gives you the satisfaction of being unique and different from the rest, you might want to consider some of the pitfalls before you regret your decision.

Here at ezAuto, we do not recommend modifying your car for many good reasons!


1. Risk of compromised or no-claim from insurance company

From an insurance company’s perspective, your new car should be exactly as it came from the factory. You run the risk that your insurance company will not pay out in the event of an accident if you modify your car as its specifications will differ from what was agreed to be covered within the insurance policy.

While disclosing all enhancing modifications done to the vehicle might still secure full insurance coverage from your insurance company, it is advisable that you consult your insurance agent beforehand before you embark onto this journey of no-return!

Keep in mind that modified cars will increase the risk factor of your car, and thus increases your insurance premium to get it fully covered. Unless you are up for the addition price you have to pay, else drop the idea of modifying your car!


2. Warranty and service plans

Most, if not all, vehicles these days are also sold with a warranty and service plan as standard. Some of the higher end products cover more than just routine services with even more comprehensive motor plans.

Some car companies do not endorse any tuning and modification companies to the point of rendering the motor plan and vehicle warranty void. Be prepared to risk losing these perks that have been built into the purchase price of the vehicle if you opt to modify your car!


3. Reliability

If you have not known, performance modifications will generally add additional strain on various components of your car, thus making your vehicle less reliable in the long run.

If you so insist on modifying your car, remember to only consider modifications that enhance aesthetic and do not tamper with the structure or mechanical functioning of the vehicle.

You could consider upgrading the audio system, anti-smash-and-grab window tint, flashy set of rims, and a bonnet guard that not only makes your car look more appealing, but also protects your vehicle from paint damage and stone chips.


4. Risk of being ousted from the car lover’s community

Serious car enthusiasts really hate overdone modified cars. You may even risk not being able to resell your car in the used car market due to the reduced interest and lack of popularity from the general public.

If you are modifying your car to make it look cool, be mindful that just like the changing fashion trends, this ‘looking-cool’ outlook will vanish soon too. Investing in a new body kit every time this happens is not going to be financially friendly, unless you have deep pockets for this.

Having said that, it is okay definitely okay if you have no plans of reselling your modified car and is mentally prepared to accept all associated risks that come with it.


5. Reduced resale value

Modified cars generally lose their value mainly because the original structure of the car has been altered. Its full service history may not be as clear for buyers to know what the car went through, thus potential buyers may be sceptical and concerned about getting a modified car.

Ask yourself, would you get a modified car and risk all of the above mentioned risks? You probably understand better now.


In a nutshell

It is generally not advisable to make any modifications to your car as it costs more investments on your car that does not add-value to your car, if not diminishing its value.

If you insist to modify your car, it is advisable to start working on a vehicle that is not brand new that has exceeded its service plan and warranty. For used cars, ezAuto has an awesome platform for you to bid one at the best price! Visit www.ezauto.my to learn more now!