Popular Car Colors In Malaysia

Have you ever noticed that the cars parked at any new and used car dealerships look quite samey? For used car dealerships, not only the car brands and models are relatively similar due to popularity and Malaysian’s preference (if you’re interested, you can also read up on our article on ‘Top 10 Most Sellable Used Car Brands In Malaysia’! ), even certain shades of colors are more prevalent than any other.

Indeed, white, silver, black and grey have been the most popular car colors! Not just in Malaysia, but it is a global phenomenon and preference! But why is that so? Have you ever pondered upon this?

Why are these colors so popular?

The reason behind the global preference of the 4 mentioned colors (white, black, silver and grey) is often vague and hard to pinpoint. Some said that white and black reflect status, quality and luxury. Some said that silver and grey reflect our fascination with technology.

Let’s take a closer look at the Malaysian-reasons when it comes to pick car colors!

The Malaysian Considerations

1. ‘Dirt-resistant’

Have you heard your parents say “Eh, this color is better, cars don’t get dirty quickly, can save money on washing cars!” ? YES! I believe most, if not all, Malaysians would have thought of that! Grey and silver became the top contenders when it comes to having the perfect dirt camouflage effect! These colors are considered to be easier to clean, and less likely to be noticeably dirty when our car picks up dirt as a result of driving through congested cities, hurtling down the highway or kicking up mud on the backroads.

2. No dirt allowed!

On the other spectrum, there are also Malaysians who are ‘hygiene-freak’. They want their cars to always be sparkling clean and will always clean their cars whenever they spot any dirt on them. This is when white and black cars became the obvious choice of colors as these colors will perfectly contrast any dirt that is present on the body of the vehicle!

3. Classy and sportiness

Silvery and techno-grey hues also seem to bring out the best of angular, edgy design of luxury sports vehicles, or even infuse a sense of sportiness to sedan cars. On the other hand, black and white are seen as exhibiting the sense of luxury and quality, as well as denoting status. Who doesn’t like to be looked at with those envious eyes all around them, hmm?

4. Conservativeness and prudence

Malaysians are less adventurous in nature. Generally, we don’t go for unusual colors that will stand out a lot from the crowd. We feel uncomfortable and are worried to be seen as ‘odd’ or having a ‘weird taste’. That aside, Malaysians are more careful with their choice of color as we often think of reselling our old car before we our next new drive. So to preserve the value of our car and to get the best buck out of our old car, we generally go for colors that are widely acceptable by the local society. But fear not! If you are looking to sell your car with minimal hassle, check out www.ezauto.my now to learn more!


Future Trend

White, silver, black and grey cars will still continue to vastly outnumber cars of other colors, not just in Malaysia, but all around the world. Collectively, they account for 76% of the global automotive market. However, this could change with time.

With advances in paint technology, it allows manufacturers to get creative by using multiple layers to create shades like shimmery silvers, 3-dimensional black and pearly whites. Colors were more flat 3 decades ago, but the trend is starting to spread from duller neutral colors to brighter colors such as gold and metallic hues with a hint of lighter toned colors.