If you are pondering upon the title (question), then you might find yourself in one of the following scenarios:

All the above positions may seem different, but they share a common goal: to get the most value out of selling your used car.

While you may have your justifications to keep your car, let’s weigh it out with the process needed to sell or trade in your car. There are always 2 sides to a coin, and this is no exception. Let us quickly run through the PROS and CONS of selling your car.

Generally, there are two common community you sell your car to :

1. You either sell directly to another customer ;
2. Or you sell directly to a used car dealer


1.1 Selling directly to another customer (Offline)car for sale

You would probably need to set up a sign and leave your contact number on your car in crowded areas to hope for potential buyers to reach out to you. This may not be the best approach if you are looking to sell your car in a time efficient manner.

1.2 Selling directly to another customer (Online)

With the technology and platforms in the market, there are many ways to put your car online and potentially reach a direct buyer. While this allows potential buyers to reach out to you easier for test drives and car queries, it may also be time consuming and quite a handful to handle the buyer and the official selling procedures if you are inexperienced. Selling your car privately may require you a little more time and effort to “stand out among the crowd” including taking good, visible, clear photos of your, taking notes and sharing its specs and any details that a buyer may find interest in.


2.1 Selling directly to a used car dealer (Offline)

Driving your car door-to-door to compare quotations from dealers can be time-consuming and quite the hassle especially under the either scorching hot or raining weather of Malaysia.

In scenario where you are trading in your car to get a new car, you may find it less worrisome and much more flexible. At such scenarios, most used car dealers are more flexible resulting to a zero lead time ! You may find yourself in a favorable position where you do not have to wait for your car to be sold off to get a lump sum for the down payment of your new drive as the trade-in-value may be treated as part of your down payment for your new car as well. This also means, it is almost easy as swapping your new and old ride with your car dealer. Why “almost easy”? The paperwork of course ! While an experienced dealer will bring you through a smooth journey, some still find it to be quite a bore-some choir.

2.2 Selling directly to a used car dealer (Online)

There are many online platforms in Malaysia such as ezAUTO where we offer consumers to sell directly to dealers through our online platform, hassle-free! By selling your car thru ezAUTO, you connect to ezAUTO authorized genuine dealers nationwide, ezDEALERs.

process of selling your car with ezautoAll you need to do is:

  1. book an appointment to get your car inspected at any of your preferred ezAUTO’s ezINSPECTION CENTRE, multiple locations available nationwide. (Find your nearest ezINSPECTION CENTRE here)
  2. attend the appointment simply by driving your car to the selected inspection centre to get your car professionally inspected by ezAUTO’s vehicle examiner. Our vehicle examiner will then generate a report of car condition and cross check the system for a recommended reserve price (governed by FMCCAM). It is important to get your car inspected by a trusted inspection centre to ensure a fair valuation of your used car.
  3. Agree to list your car online to ezBIDDING SYSTEM at the agreed reserve price
  4. While we are connecting your car to our ezDEALERs nationwide to bid for your car, SIT BACK AND RELAX
  5. Receive highest price bid notification
  6. Agree to sell, SOLD
  7. Car handover/collection by ezAUTO & receive money

Best part is: at ezAUTO, all of these are for FREE ! You have 24 hours of commitment-free consideration time after receiving your highest price bid notification. (Yes, even if you decide not to sell it, it’s still FREE)

Book your car a free evaluation today at https://ezauto.my/sell-car/