FMCCAM Committee Members

Who are the FMCCAM ?


FMCCAM – The Federation of Motor & Credit Companies Associations of Malaysia (or in short, FMC)  is a combination of 9 state associations under it (which forms the Federation) to :

  1. Protect the interests of the automotive trading industry ; 
  2. Protect its members of independent car dealers (both used and new car dealers) from associated risks ;
  3. Protecting consumers from auto-related fraud and abuse by unscrupulous dealers


The first state association was FMCKL – established in 1967. Soon after, the formation of other state associations started to follow in. Today, the Federation is formally formed with 9-state associations, including a network of over 4,000 registered members of car dealers nationwide.


Image above shows the committee members of the FMCCAM.


The role of FMCCAM 


FMCCAM is seen as the official voice of thousands of motor vehicle dealers all around Malaysia, like the big “Tai Kor” who is trusted as the key opinion leader (KOL) in automotive trade matters. 


Being a powerful advocate for the car trading industry, FMCCAM has had a good and cooperative relationship with the government to reduce as much red tape as possible in loans, licenses and regulations. Often, FMCCAM is involved in activities such as to negotiate policies, organise forums and find solutions to protect the members by maintaining a healthy economic status for the automotive industry. 


FMCCAM President Dato Tony Khor with the Minister of Image above shows the President of the FMCCAM, Dato Tony Khor with the Minister of Transport of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Ir. Dr. Wee Ka Siong.


The FMCCAM also acts as a guide and support for members, aiding in adaptation of industry transformation, sharing industry insights, and promoting best practices and guidelines for the members to protect them from related risk exposure. 


Did you know: ezAUTO.MY’s prices are also regulated and controlled by the FMCCAM so that we do not overcharge and burden the car dealers with high costs, which in turn increases the cost of end users to buy their used cars?


The objectives of FMCCAM 

  1. To foster the relationship among all Motor & Credit Companies Associations in the states of Malaysia to safeguard their common legitimate interests as well as to promote motor and credit trades.
  2. To promote culture, education and welfare of the society.
  3. To work together with other legitimate organisations for the advancement of economic prosperity of the country and the aforesaid objectives (A) & (B).

FMCCAM & consumers 

FMCCAM is dedicated to combating legislation that is unfavorable to motor vehicle dealers. Should you have any issues regarding your car purchase that you cannot issue directly with the dealer, you can contact: