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    sell your car from home
    the easy way

    Book FREE doorstep
    car inspection & valuation

    Tell us about your car and your preferred schedule for your car’s inspection and valuation and we will come to you.

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    You’ll have up to 24 hours of commitment-free consideration time to accept our offer.

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    We’ll arrange for car settlement and collection according to your preference, hand you cash or a check, and be on our way.

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    sell your car from home
    the easy way

    To get started, you will need to gather the following and bring along to your appointed ezINSPECTION CENTRE:

    • Vehicle Ownership Certification (VOC)
    • Road Tax
    • Spare Key
    • Hire Purchased (only application for cars with outstanding loans)
    • Approved Permit (only applicable for rekon cars)

    Removal of your personal belongings in the car and a simple car wash prior to attending your FREE car inspection and valuation is highly encouraged. 

    Yes, 100% of ezAUTO team is fully vaccinated against COVID-19. You will be able to verify the vehicle examiner’s daily health declaration, digital vaccination certificate and identity upon check-in. 

    Several efforts would be mandatory from both ezAUTO vehicle examiner and you:

    • 1-to-1 car inspection and valuation
    • wear mask at all times throughout the appointment
    • staff’s daily health declaration made available up QR code scan on staff tag
    • QR code scan to check-in & check-out
    • pre and post car inspection sanitization 

    For your safety and security, only 1x Vehicle Examiner will be attending your appointment and will an authorized staff tag for your verification and check-in purposes.

    Yes, as long as you are at coverage area and you and the car you intend to sell is at the location at said date and time. 

    RM 0. That’s right! No hidden fees, no hidden charges.

    At ezAUTO, we charge very low fees only for our verified buyers, so that you can get more value for your car.

    Your car will be examined by our professional vehicle examiners and it would take less than 45 minutes to complete. 

    Yes, we accept recon cars too. We have a wide range of verified buyers looking to bid for your recon car as well. 

    We are experts at pricing vehicles. Your reserved car price is valued based on real-time sales listings for similar vehicles, auction sales data, and trusted vehicle pricing sources like eAUTO and FMC.

    It’s a half yes. Your car’s inspection and valuation processes CAN be attended by your authorized person with an authorization letter but we definitely need you (the owner of the car) to perform the delivery/collection of car should you agree to sell your car.

    Of course! Many of our sellers’ lease or have outstanding loans on their vehicles, which is one of the reasons they are drawn to us. We obtain more value for the vehicle to pay off loans or leases and hopefully a little leftover. Once we sell your vehicle, we will pay the lease or lien off directly and write you a check for any difference.

    Car collection/delivery will be required within the next 5 days from the acceptance of offer date, giving you plenty of time to arrange the best schedule for you.

    Our team will contact and guide you every step along the way, ensuring that it is as hassle-free as it gets.

    Once the booking is confirmed, the slot is reserved for you. If you are unable to make it, please let us know as soon as possible. See contact method here.

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