How Much Do You Know About Car Mufflers?

ezauto ezfeed How Much Do You Know About Car Mufflers

Car mufflers are devices that are designed to reduce the noise produced by the engine of a car. They are installed in the exhaust system of the car and reduce the noise and emissions coming out from it. What is a Muffler? A muffler, also known as a silencer, is an important component of the […]

What Are Catalytic Converters and Why Are They Important?

ezauto ezfeed What Are Catalytic Converters And Why Are They Important

Catalytic converters are a crucial component in reducing harmful emissions from cars. Its uses a combination of chemical reactions to convert toxic gases into less harmful emissions, which is better for the environment How They Work Catalytic converters work by using a honeycomb-like structure made of a ceramic material that is coated with various metals, […]

Do You Know What Was The First Car in Malaysia?

ezauto ezfeed Do You Know What Was The First Car In Malaysia

The invention of motor cars goes back a long way, with its roots tracing back to the Benz Motorwagen in 1886. But do you know what the first car that came to Malaysia was? Who Owned The First Car? Singapore had their first car earlier than us, as they had cars which were considered luxuries […]

Timing Chain vs. Timing Belt

ezauto ezfeed Timing Chain vs Timing Belt

One of the consumables of your car is the timing chain or timing belt, which varies by car. It plays a crucial role in keeping your car’s engine functioning properly. The Purpose of Both The purpose of the timing chain or timing belt is to synchronize the rotation of the crankshaft and the camshafts of […]

How Does The Cruise Control In Cars Work

ezauto ezfeed How Does Cruise Control In Cars Work

When driving long distances, one of the key features of cars that can help you relieve the strain is the inclusion of cruise control, which helps keep your vehicle moving without having you step on the accelerator. Cruise Control Cruise control had already appeared on cars back in the early 1900s, and goes back even […]

Buying A Car With Cash vs. Hire-Purchase

ezauto ezfeed Buying A Car With Cash vs Buying Through Hire-Purchase

Buying a car with cash and buying a car through hire-purchase are two options for getting a car, but they have their distinct differences. Understanding these differences can help you make an informed decision for which option is the best for you. Buying with Cash When you buy a car with cash, you are paying […]

Leasing vs. Buying A Car

ezauto ezfeed Leasing vs Buying A Car

With the rise of car leasing models, people are opting for it instead of buying a new car. But do you really understand what leasing a car is? Leasing versus Buying Leasing and buying a car are two different options for obtaining a vehicle, but they are very different from each other. Understanding the differences […]

What Is An OBD-II And How Do They Work

ezauto ezfeed What Is An OBD-II And How Do They Work

Have you been curious about how your car’s mechanic can plug in a device and know all the problems with your car? This is because each modern car is equipped with an OBD-II, which is a handy tool. What Is An OBD-II? OBD-II stands for On-board Diagnostics II, which is the second generation of the […]

How Do Engine Control Units (ECU) Work?

ezauto ezfeed How Do Engine Control Units Work?

Do you ever wonder how our car’s engines are controlled? When all we need to do now is press a button to start the car. All of this is handled by your car’s engine control unit, commonly known as an ECU. The Functions of the ECU If you have seen older cars, you will know […]

The Different Types of Car Seat Belts

ezauto ezfeed The Different types of Car Seat Belts

Everybody knows the 3-point seat belts that are present on almost all cars, but do you know the other types of seat belts that exist for other purposes? Different Points The most common type of seat belt present is the 3-point seat belt equipped as standard on all cars. It is called 3-point as the […]