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ezauto ezfeed Plug-in Hybrids vs Hybrids

Plug-In Hybrids VS Hybrids

Hybrids and EVs are seen as the future of vehicles, yet there is another type called the Plug-in Hybrid, also known as PHEV, and what are the differences between them and why is this type of vehicle getting popular amongst people? Plug-in Hybrids Since we know that hybrids are vehicles that incorporate both a combustion …

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ezauto ezfeed How Safe Are Your Car Windows

How safe are your car windows?

Are you ever worried that your car windows will shatter into pieces? Whether if you’re involved in a road accident or someone with bad intentions tries to break your window, here we’ll let you know what to expect from your window. What are car windows made of? The windows on your car include the front …

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