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ezauto ezfeed Are Manual Cars Going Extinct?

Are manual cars going extinct?

In the past, driving manual cars was the norm, and almost everybody knew how to drive one. However,  with the advancement of technology which made the modern day automatic transmission more widespread and affordable, people have slowly started to favour automatics over manuals for driving is just way easier with an automatic. Manual offerings In …

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ezauto ezfeed The Two Different A/C Modes

The two different A/C modes

Nothing beats the cool air-conditioning of your car during a warm day, but have you noticed that there are actually two modes that you can toggle inside your car, with one bringing in fresh air and the latter circulating the air inside your car. Fresh air mode With an image of an arrow going inside …

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ezauto ezfeed Number Plates In Malaysia

Number plates in Malaysia

Like the fact that every person has a name, every vehicle has a number plate, and each number plate is distinct from each other. Number plates are controlled by the Malaysian Road Transport Department (JPJ), and are required by law to be displayed in the front and rear of your vehicle. Format of number plates …

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