Aside from voluntary transfer of car ownership (e.g. transfer of ownership from father to son), the main reason for the transfer of car ownership is due to a sale of the car to a buyer. Based on the JPJ guideline, the registered owner (seller) and the new owner (buyer) for private vehicles need to come personally for biometric fingerprints authentication. Do note that representatives may only be appointed on behalf of the registered owner or a new owner for other than privately owned vehicles.

Before heading to JPJ, there are a couple of basic documents that will be required for the transfer of car ownership to be completely successfully:

1. Identity Card (IC)

The registered owner and the new owner must bring along identification documents such as myKad, MyTentera, MyPR and passport. This is required for the purpose of confirmation of the individuals involved in the car ownership transfer transaction. Sellers who are unable to present must get their photocopy of IC certified by the Commissioner of Oath.

2. Identity Confirmation

If the transaction involved a non-individual, identity confirmation of the government / bank / finance / insurance / Association / Cooperative / Private Limited Company / Limited Company / Sole Proprietorship Business / Partnership Business / Statutory Bodies / Local Authorities / Embassy / High Commission / Consulates / International Organizations will be required. One of the documents below can be presented:

–        A copy of the Form 49, a copy of the resolution / minute meeting regarding the approved the sale of vehicles, Form 9 or Form 13 certified by the company secretary or the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) (whichever is applicable); or

–        Copy of Form D certified by SSM; or

–        Any other relevant documents of identity verification (related); or

–        Sale Approval Letter of the motor vehicles.

3. An official letter of appointment of attorney shall be carried jointly by representatives

Conditions provided in 1. are also applicable to the representative.

4. Completed JPJK3 form, TM-1, TM-AB (photocopy both buyer/seller IC)

This has to be brought along by the new owner or the representative of the new owner. You may download the said forms from the JPJ website.

5. Motor vehicle registration certificate

Motor vehicles except for motorcycles have been taken for examination in PUSPAKOM. Alternatively, you may book an appointment with the nearest ezAuto inspection centre to have the examination and inspection done as well! Visit to locate the nearest ezauto inspection centre! Do note that commercial vehicles permits for registered owners have been cancelled in advance.

 After completing all of the above, go to JPJ and submit all the forms together with the original Car Registration Card, new buyer insurance cover note and PUSPAKOM inspection report.Pay RM100.00 to complete the ownership transfer transaction. After making the required payment, just wait for the transfer name to be completed and collect the transferred ownership of the car registration card on the same day!