Everyone is considered a potential victim of scams. Fraudsters are consistently coming up with new tricks to defraud unsuspecting Malaysians, road scam is definitely not an exception! In order to avoid becoming a victim of a road scam, it is important to know the common type of road scams.

Tow Truck Scams

This scam is the most popular road scams among the many others. Fraudsters would intentionally spill oil on the road, leave steel nails and/or debris on the road. Unfortunate drivers who happen to drive pass the area could lose control of their car, skidding and crashing into something by the road. These fraudsters will magically arrive at the crash site within minutes after the ‘accident’ happens and offer to tow your car at exorbitant fees ranging from RM1,000 – RM5,000!

Once you give in to their pressure, they would secretly tow your car to their own workshop instead of the police station. This is when they take the advantage by forcing you to pay up if you want them to ‘release’ your car.

Oil Cap Road Scams

As part of the trick, these fraudsters will ride their motorbikes and approach you during your drive. They will ride up to you and signal you that you have forgotten to close the fuel cap. Once you have pulled over your car and get down to check, these fraudsters will attempt to rob you! Scary isn’t it?

Smoking Wheel Road Scams

This scam involves the cooperation between a motorcyclist and a ‘mechanic’. The motorcyclist will ride up beside your car, signal you that your wheel is emitting smoke and suggest that you pull over to the side of the road to check immediately. The motorcyclist will then pretend to be helpful by calling the ‘mechanic’ to inspect your wheels.

The ‘mechanic’ will secretly and quietly disable the braking system while ‘inspecting’ as he tries to find the cause of the ‘smoke’. The ‘mechanic’ will test the braking system in front of you to convince you of the malfunctioned brakes. He will then offer his help for a spare part. When you buy into his offer to replace the brakes, he will present you with a ridiculous fee when everything is done!

Fake Road Accident Scams

These fake accident road scams are carried out when you are in the midst of reversing or parking your car. These fraudsters will suddenly ‘appear’ in their car behind you while you are reversing, creating a false impression that you crashed into them. Your car would usually bear minimal damage while the fraudster’s car will appear to have sustained heavy damages. They will blame you for the damage caused by the collision and pressure you to head over to the police station with them.

For such cases, they are very likely to have secret connections with the policemen and you will end up having to pay for a summon! However, to settle privately, the fraudsters will try to extort you to pay up high ‘damage repair’ expenses of their cars. Don’t be surprised if the workshop of the fraudster’s choice is also involved in this scam! You will end up being scammed more than what you could imagine.