Here’s Why You Should Know The Different Types of Car Paint!


How much do you know about the different types of car paint aside from the range of available colours? Whether you are planning to repaint your car by yourself, have it repainted by a professional, or buying a new car, you should understand the different types of car paints that are involved in the process.

Here are the basic types of car paint that you should know!


1. Primer

Primer is the first layer to ever be put on the body of the car. It usual comes in shades of grey or black. It is used to get the surface of the car ready for painting by helping the surface of the paint stick to the body of the car. Putting on a base or clear coat on a metal surface without the primer would not only make the body of the car look shoddy, the paint also would not bond consistently, resulting in flaking and chipping.


2. Base Coat

Base coat paints are the basic paint that will go on top of the primer layer. They do not contain any strengtheners or hardeners as they are just raw paint that would go on top of the primer. These paints do not provide good protection on the primer layer and metal frame very well. Without proper protection from a finishing coat, blemishes in the paint may be noticeable, potentially letting moisture in and leading to rust on the surface of the car body!


3. Clear Coat/ Car Paint Finishes

Clear coats are also referred to as a clear coat finish. As the name suggests, they are paints that do not have any colour or pigment. The purpose of this paint is to protect the paint that is underneath as well as to make it shine. Clear coat finishes often have specialized chemicals that provide easy adherence to the flexible components, like a plastic bumper. That aside, they also have UV inhibitors in them to prevent the ultraviolet rays from fading the colour of the car!


4. Acrylic Lacquer

Acrylic lacquers have been discontinued by many manufacturers as base coats with a clear finish on top provide a better shine with better protection. That being said, acrylic lacquers are used on classic or antique cars, and even showroom cars, that aren’t used as daily drives. The reason is because they provide the most glaring shine on a car!  


Before you plan to next repainting or next car purchase, be sure to take the above types of car paints into consideration to ensure the best protection for your car! Not only does it make you look cooler in a shiny car, it also helps to preserve the car value better! Looking to sell a car? Look no further! Visit today to sell your car the ez way today!