The engine to a car is what the heart is to us humans! Yet, most of us neglect giving proper care to proactively protect our car’s engines. You are definitely not alone in this! Now that you are here reading this, we urge you to give your car’s engine the attention it deserves, for the benefit of your car and your own good (financially and safety-wise)! A faulty engine will not only cost you a bomb to fix, it might also cause you the lives of those who are sitting in your car while you drive!

Now that you understand the importance of taking good care of your car engine, let’s see how we can do this the proper and ez way!


1. Change your engine oil on a timely manner

check engine oil
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Regular oil change is one of the most important and essential things you need and can do for your car’s engine. Your engine can’t function without it. If you go too long between oil changes, it can cause permanent damage to your engine over time.

Oil keeps vital engine parts well lubricated, keeps them running in perfect sequence, and also prevents everything from overheating. As suggestions as to when you should be changing your oil vary, be sure to get suggestions from your car’s manufacturer for your specific vehicle’s oil change interval.


2. Always be on the lookout for the engine lights

check engine lights
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Do you know that every engine light means something crucial? If you don’t, don’t sit on it and start learning what these important warning lights mean! An initially small problem can snowball into something big and costly if you ignore these warning lights and do nothing about it!

While most of them aren’t necessarily going to be a major issue, you won’t know until you get it checked out. They can warn about problems with the alternator, battery, engine temperature or other areas surrounding the engine that are monitored. Be sure to bring your car to your mechanic if you see the check engine light lits!


3. Keep your engine breathing by changing the air filter

engine air filter slots
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Air filters keep all the outside junk like bugs, leaves and dirt from getting inside of your engine. These filters can get clogged with dirt and need to be replaced over time. Changing your air filter at the appropriate times enables your engine to perform at its best. Fresh air will make it very easy for your engine to do its job efficiently.

 On the flip side, clogged air filters filled with debris and dirt make it nearly impossible for your engine to run efficiently. Your car’s engine is going to suffer if it doesn’t get the ventilation it requires. Be sure to check your air filter every now and then to get it changed before it gets clogged up


4. Changing the oil filter

check engine oil filter
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It is very important to make every effort to remember to change your fuel filter. Just as how the air filter keeps debris from clogging the engine, a fuel filter protects your engine from harmful sediment and particles in the gas.

Your engine will run much smoother if you change your fuel filter often. This helps to prevent it from being clogged with too much gunk and grime. Keep in mind, the cleaner the fuel the better your engine will run! If you can’t access your car’s fuel filter, take it to a mechanic to be replaced.


5. Keep the radiator fluid full at all times

car engine radiator fluid

You will be surprised by how many people let their radiator fluid run low even though this may seem like common sense! Your radiator is there to keep your engine cool, so if you let it run low on fluid, the entire system is going to work less efficiently.

Without this cooling agent, your engine may start to heat up really quick. If this goes on for an extended period of time, your engine could end up overheating. check the coolant level, lift the hood and look at your coolant tank. It’s a clear tank with a green or orange coloured liquid in it. Remember, keeping a cool engine will also ensure its longevity well preserved!


Remember, the car’s engine is akin to a human’s heart. It keeps the car up and running. If you have been neglecting your car engine, start making use of these useful tips to be a responsible driver! Still not sure how to check your car engine? Bring your car to the nearest ez Inspection centre today! Check us out at now!