Malaysia’s Highway Speedtraps Guide

Speed traps in Malaysia are also known as Automated Enforcement Systems (“AES”). The purpose of AES is to maintain a responsible behaviour of drivers on the road and to reduce the rate of accidents to preserve the safety of all road users, especially during festive holidays. How much do you really know AES despite being spies on the road? 

1. What is AES?

2. Where are they?

3. How tolerant is the law?

1. What is AES?

AES is an automatic enforcement of traffic laws, and is a continuation of the Road Safety Plan 2006-2010. It necessitates adaptations of the enforcement system to be sustainable in driving attitude changes regardless of the increase in number of vehicles, drivers or constraints in enforcement.

This enforcement uses a tracking system that automatically records traffic offenses using sensors installed on the road and imaging system that captures photo and video images of traffic violations. The system is highly secure where all data is encrypted and transmitted electronically, on the online real-time basis, from the camera to the Control Centre.

Summonses will only be issued upon verification and validation of the offences, and be sent to the registered owner via registered post.


2. Where are they?

Believe us when we say that there are many many many speed traps in Malaysia, especially in accident-prone places! The AES is not just limited to speed traps along the highways with three signboards installed to inform the road users that they are 1km, 2km and 3km away from the speed cameras. It is also available as a red traffic light camera set up with three signboards installed to inform the road users that they are 500m to 1km away from the camera’s location.

Location of AES cameras in PLUS Highway:


North Bound

  • KM1 – Johor Bahru
  • KM97.2 – Kuala Muda
  • KM151.4 – Pagoh 
  • KM174 – Bandar Baharu
  • KM184.2 – Jasin
  • KM204.6 – Taiping
  • KM214.4 – Alor Gajah
  • KM299.9 – Kampar
  • KM301.6 – Kajang
  • KM375.9 – Slim River

South Bound

  • KM1 – Johor Bahru 
  • KM96.3 – Sungai Petani
  • KM104.9 – Jasin
  • KM146.80 – Pagoh
  • KM166.1 – Jawi
  • KM185 – Bemban
  • KM214.4 – Alor Gajah
  • KM255.9 – Pantai Timur 2
  • KM382.8 – Behrang

Location of AES cameras in other highways:-

LEKAS Highway
  • KM 21 – North Bound
  • KM 21 – South Bound 
Jalan Lebuh Sentosa
  • KM1.6 (from Kajang to PICC)
ELITE Highway
  • KM17 – North Bound
  • KM28.4 – South Bound
Guthrie Highway
  • KM18 – North Bound
  • KM18 – South Bound
  • KM6.6 (from Puchong to Kajang)
Gua Mustang to Kuala Krai
  • KM17 (towards Kota Bahru)
East Cost Highway 2

(Pantai Timur 2)

  • KM256.1 (towards Kuala Lumpur)
  • KM288.6 (towards Kuala Terengganu)

Note: The location of the AES cameras may be changed or even added as time goes by.


3. How tolerant is the law?

While we are not condoning to speeding, we should always be careful of our surroundings and our pockets too. The AES is able to capture images when a vehicle is moving approximately 10km/h more than the given speed limit. If you break the law, you might be imposed with a fine up to RM300 and receive a demerit point depending on the difference in speed limit and the driving speed.

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