5 CAR-SELLING SECRETS (that car dealers do not want you to find out !)

When selling your car to any car dealers, you may find that the car dealers’ showroom / business premise is one of the most intimidating places to be on earth. Too often, one walks away with an unsatisfactory deal.

While selling a car can be a daunting and exhausting task, it can pay off well in the long run if you approach it strategically. That’s why ezAUTO.MY spoke with relevant industry stakeholders to learn about the top 3 tips that you can follow to help navigate your selling process.


While paperwork is easy to be misplaced, making sure you have your car’s documentation handy and ready to go ! Here is a basic checklist of a car’s documentation that you need to sell your car:



In a typical scenario, you will find yourself trading-in your car for your new car (let it be new or used) to your car dealer. Chances are, you will find yourself started being low-balled with every single issue of your car such as random dents/scratches on your car that you might have probably forgotten how you got them including car color and specs.

At the very least, before you walk into any car dealership you should know the price of what others paid for a similar choice of your car range.  Do not know how much your car is worth? Do not have a trustworthy person to evaluate your car’s worth? Worried of being scammed? ezAUTO.MY is the go-to-option! Book yourself and your car a free inspection and valuation now at https://ezauto.my/sell-car/



Get your car to a condition as close as a “showroom ready” as possible. This includes a simple car wash (both interior and exterior) and probably removing your personal belongings and spare change. Making sure the car is neat and clean including compartments and trunk ensures a good presentation of the car that you are trying to sell. If you have a few couple of bucks to spare, you would probably want to fix those dents and imperfections that are not too expensive but would affect your car valuation significantly, such as a broken taillight or dents and scratches.



If you are selling off your car offline to dealers, begin searching for at least five or six dealerships  that you are interested in selling your to. Consider having these car dealerships in your list of interest: your car brand’s dealership where you bought your car, car dealerships that are around your areas of work or home may help save you some travel time to completing task. Call the dealers up and try to arrange the car viewing appointment according to your schedule of choice and ask for the tentative duration needed to spend in the car dealership to aid your planning.

Finding it to be too much of a hassle? Instead of finding just a few dealers to compare prices, reach out to all the credible ezDEALERS throughout Malaysia with ezAUTO’s bidding system. All you need to do is to book a FREE car inspection and valuation at any ezINSPECTION CENTRE of your choice and authorize the centre to put your car up for bidding in the ezBIDDING SYSTEM. Sell your car to dealers the ez way with ezAUTO at https://ezauto.my/sell-car/



The car dealers might be more excited to buy your car than you think, especially when they watch you driving your beautiful car away. They know very well that once you drive your car away, they might lose your car to a better offer that you might find. While confident dealers would offer you a short consideration time,  the longer you wait out to accept an offer, the higher your depreciation value will be, especially if you are selling your car offline. The process of selling your car traditionally have been widely known to tire out consumers. The more you talk about numbers and options, the more you will start to break down, physically and mentally. You will soon experience the decision fatigue, leading you to become increasingly impatient when you are bombarded with decisions and choices to analyze.

So, what can you do about it? Always take a step back and evaluate the situation and numbers with your situation and give yourselves time to think about it. Sleep on it for at least a night before jumping into your decision pool. At ezAUTO.MY, you are entitled for a 24-hours commitment-free consideration time to drop the deal after your received your highest bid price notification.

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